Adolescent/Youth Counselling

Programs that specialize in the treatment of adolescents, usually age 12 or 13 through 17, who have adjustment problems, behaviour problems, emotional disturbance, a personality disorder or incipient mental illness. The programs may help youth troubled by low self-esteem, social isolation, peer pressure, bullying, school performance issues, truancy, anger management issues, family problems, grief and loss, sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted disease, alcohol or drug addiction, eating disorders, oppositional and defiant behaviours, depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts or other difficult issues.



A community based program for youth requiring support. It helps young people (12-24 years of age) navigate the service systems to connect them to resources in their community.

Outpatient children's mental health centre. 
Forensic Unit - Fire Risk Assessments and Sexual Offender Assessments

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