Backstage Production Volunteer Opportunities

Theatres, opera houses and other performing arts organization that are actively seeking individuals with the requisite skills and experience who are willing to use their skills to benefit the production on a voluntary basis without remuneration. Volunteers may be asked to design costumes and scenery; construct, paint, maintain, load and break down sets; maintain props; oversee the costume room; help the actors dress; provide live audio description for selected plays (e.g., what is happening on stage, actions, body language, costumes, lighting, scenery); or handle other production responsibilities.



A community theatre group in Waterdown that offers two productions each year. 

Offering community musical theatre productions and open auditions.  Other services include costume collection rentals and theatre space rentals.  Volunteer opportunities are available, contact for details. 

An amateur group performing dramatic works at the Garstin Center for the Arts.
Accepts high school student volunteers as ushers, ticket takers, and in backstage production. Facilities are available for rental for cultural groups but not for private parties.

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