Women's Support Groups

Mutual support groups whose members are women who want an opportunity to share their issues and concerns with other women in a safe, supportive environment. Meeting formats may include in-person, telephone or Internet options.



Offers a variety of support services for newcomer, immigrant, and refugee women in Ontario.

Services include:

  • counselling
  • horticulture pre-apprenticeship programs
  • information technology education

Offers confidential support services for survivors of sexual violence, 16 years of age and older, who have experienced sexual violence at any point in their lives. Services include individual and group counselling.

A monthly support group for women and adult female identifying individuals.  Helps build connections through conversation, education, harm reduction and HIV/STI Testing. 

Criminalized women age 18 and older are offered an onsite drop-in support at the head office of the Elizabeth Fry Society in Hamilton. The goal of this program is to assist women who have been in conflict with the law with community reintegration.

A women's social and support group that meets weekly.  Activities include crafts, conversations, board games, bingo and meals.

A weekly group for women who are marginalized or living on low income, providing an opportunity to develop healthy social networks and a safe environment for peer support. Activities include self-esteem workshops, relaxation sessions, discussion groups, and community service activities.

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