Caregiver/Care Receiver Support Groups

Mutual support groups whose members are family, friends, significant others, non-familial caregivers or attendants who are caring for someone who has a temporary, chronic, life-threatening or terminal illness or disability or who is elderly and increasingly unable to provide for his or her own care. The groups meet in-person, by telephone or via the Internet; and provide emotional support, information and resources to help participants ensure their own well-being while remaining involved in the intense care of a loved one. Also included are care receiver support groups that help people who have a caregiver cope with the fact that they require care. Care receiver support groups are often offered in conjunction with caregiver support groups and are structured to allow care receivers to participate in their own group while their caregiver attends another.



Offers a variety of support services for Ontario caregivers who provide physical and emotional support to a family member, partner, friend, or neighbour.

Programs include:

  • 24 hour helpline
  • live chat
  • peer support groups
  • information resources

Online website for the Ontario Caregiver Organization.

The Ontario Caregiver Organization exists to support Ontario’s caregivers; people who provide physical and emotional support to a family member, partner, friend or neighbour.

A series of group-format support programs that help family, caregivers, and individuals with memory loss cope with progressive cognitive deficits, dementia, or Alzheimer's disease.  Different groups are offered that focus on specific topics such as:

Peer support for those who have received a cancer diagnosis, their caregivers and families. Create a profile on the website to access this group.

Provides topical professional education, training, and seminars for caregivers and seniors. Sessions may include information such as advanced directives and senior safety.

Dundas Community Services offers caregivers an informal setting to share their experiences with one another in a confidential manner. Monthly meetings often include a speaker.

Offers a variety of services meant to support anyone navigating challenging life situations or circumstances. Services include:

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