Support Groups

Autonomous groups of individuals who share a common problem or concern, either directly or through their partners and families, who meet together on a voluntary basis, either in-person, by telephone or via the Internet, to fulfill a need, overcome a disability or cope with a crisis. Members of mutual support groups share their experiences, strengths and hopes and rely on one another for emotional support, information and resources. Included are professionally-facilitated groups, faith-based and secular 12-step models with or without professional participation, groups that use a set of guidelines prepared by a national organization or headquarters, and groups that have no professional participation and/or no specifically-structured format.



Offers mentoring for 2SLGBTQIA+ children and youth through art and recreational programming. Also offers family counselling support around gender and sexual identity, workshops and training for community on issues pertaining the to 2SLGBTQIA+ community, and peer activity groups.

Elizabeth Fry Society offers several community programs for women including:

  • Anger management counselling
  • Domestic abuse support groups and counselling
  • Education programs around improving self-esteem
  • Trauma healing

One-on-one group counselling and peer support for adults with any connection to epilepsy. 

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