Computer and Related Technology Classes

Programs that provide instruction for individuals of all ages who want to learn about or perfect their skills in operating, programming and/or utilizing computers and computer-related hardware for specific home and business applications including word processing, spreadsheet development, presentation development, database management, electronic publishing, image processing and Internet access. Included are introductory classes for people unfamiliar with computers and the Internet that help participants develop basic computer literacy skills and courses that focus on the knowledge and skills needed to use particular software applications or accomplish other computer-related tasks. Also included are programs that provide instruction in the use of related technology such as PDA's and smartphones; and those that help participants understand and take full advantage of Internet tools broadly known as "social media" that enable people to create and share on the Internet content which may include text, images, video, audio and multimedia communications or other emerging applications that can be accessed via the computer. Classes may focus on publishing tools such as blogs, video logs (vlogs), photo sharing, podcasting (audio stories broadcast from the Web or downloaded to a computer or portable media players) or wikis (collaboratively edited web pages); or introduce participants to social media in general.



Offers a variety of support services for newcomer, immigrant, and refugee women in Ontario.

Services include:

  • counselling
  • horticulture pre-apprenticeship programs
  • information technology education

A free digital literacy program that is offered to newcomers and members of Black and marginalized communities to learn beginner and intermediate computer skills.

Topics include:

Offers a variety of education programs for women, teens, and teachers.

Topics include:

The Hamilton chapter of Canada Learning Code, a not-for-profit organization that designs, delivers, and partners on technology education for Canadians.

Not-for-profit organization that designs, delivers, and partners on technology education for Canadians.

Program is designed for adult learners interested in developing computer skills, upgrading their academic skills and completing their secondary education.  Provides the opportunity for students who have recently left high school with minimal credits to achieve a number of high school credits thro

Offers a variety of computer workshops available from introductory to advanced levels. Topics include: Internet/Social Media, Mircosoft Work, Excel, Powerpoint etc. 

Contact or visit the website for more details and program dates.

Offers a variety of programs to help blind and partially sighted individuals learn how to use different types of technologies including both adaptive and traditional technologies.

Offers daily webinars to teach seniors about a technology and computers. All previous webinars are available online. 

Offers one-on-one phone support for seniors who need help using their computer or mobile device. Appointments are made with youth volunteers and are a maximum of 45 minutes in length. 

Research facility dedicated to improving the lives of seniors living with complex medical needs.  Focuses on improving quality of life, accelerating innovative solutions, and developing programs to support seniors and families.  Programs include:

Program provides a variety of activities and programs to promote enjoyment and well being for older adults and retirees.  Offering bingo, euchre and more. Also, fitness and strength training, speaker events on topics relevant to seniors and pot luck lunches.

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