Programs that provide opportunities for people of all ages to learn, become competitive in and enjoy softball, a game like baseball that is played on a small diamond using a somewhat larger ball that is pitched underhand. The programs may provide coaching assistance to help participants play efficiently and work together as a team, and are often organized into leagues, i.e., groups of teams, that are formed to play one another in organized competitions. Access to a softball field and necessary equipment, uniforms, if necessary, and referees for games may also be available. Softball also has a number of variations, such as fastball, slow-pitch, modified pitch, lob ball and 3-pitch, all of which use slightly different types of balls and different ways of delivering pitches.



Ancaster Little League Location.  Practices and games are held at various baseball diamonds in Ancaster and surrounding area.  

A recreational women's baseball league where all skill levels are welcome.  Games played at various diamond locations in Ancaster and surrounding area. 

Ancaster Ladies 3 Pitch League Location.  Games played at various diamond locations in Ancaster and surrounding area. 

A recreational league providing a safe, supportive and fun environment for youth to learn softball skills.  Four divisions are available:  

A recreational softball league for adults that promotes sportsmanship and athletics.  Co-ed teams are available.  Games are held at various diamonds on Hamilton East Mountain.  In memory of founder Don Street.  

Offers T-ball and softball leagues for youth ages 4 to 18, with various divisions for different skill levels.  Volunteer opportunities are available. 

A recreational softball league for women ages 19 years and older.  Aims to promote teamwork, friendly competition, and building of softball skills.  Teams are sponsored by local businesses.  Season runs from Mother's Day until end of the second week in September.

Softball league for women, consisting of 8 teams.  Each season includes 2 practices and approximately 13 games.  New players must attend a rating clinic prior to drafting of the teams.  Season runs from May to August. 

Softball league based in Flamborough.  Open to youth ages 4 to 21 years.  

Minor baseball league that practices and plays at various locations in Waterdown and surrounding area. Offers House League, Select and Rep programs for youth ages 5 to 21 years.  

Offers baseball programs in player development, teams, leagues and tournaments at various locations.  Open to various age groups and skill levels. 

Fastball league for women ages 25 years and older.  Open to residents of Flamborough and surrounding area.  Meeting times and locations vary.  

A recreational club offering t-ball and baseball programs for youth, and a slo-pitch team for adults.  All skill levels welcome. 

An organization offering a recreational baseball program to support skill development, physical fitness and teamwork.  

A recreational baseball league for youth 13 to 21 years.  Includes Bantam, Midget and Junior levels.  Fees vary by program, contact for details. 

A community baseball league for children, ages 5 to 12 years.  Includes t-ball, house league, and competitive teams.

T-ball and softball league for girls.  Home games are played in the Dundas Driving Park.

Mixed 3-Pitch baseball league, open to men and women from Flamborough and surrounding area. 

Mixed adult league for men and women in various skill levels.  Includes t-shirt, equipment and games from end of May until mid-September.

Men's Slo-Pitch League, based at Ancaster Community Centre.  Games are held at various diamond locations.  For ages 19 and older. 

A recreational women's league for all levels of baseball ability.  Games played at various diamond locations in Ancaster and surrounding area. 

Baseball club for youth.  Practices and games are held at various local baseball diamonds.  Teams available for all individuals ages 4 to 21 years.  Age and skill level varies by team. 

A baseball program for youth ages 4-17.  Programming is aimed toward the House League level with no travelling to other parks involved.  Clubs are divided as follows:

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