City/County Parks

Open spaces within town, city, county or regional boundaries that are acquired, developed and maintained by local or regional governments and made available to the public as venues for recreational and leisure programs.



A conservation area offering many seasonal and year-round recreation services, including a swimming beach, children’s splash pad, picnic facilities, nature trails, observation platforms and a play area.

A public park located in Greensville.  Includes baseball diamonds, playground equipment, tennis courts, and washroom facilities.

A public park located in Carlisle.  Includes playground equipment and tennis courts. 

Village Green Park located in Ancaster.  Includes lawn bowling facilities and tennis courts. 

A large sports park on Hamilton East Mountain. 

Martino Memorial Park. Includes the Dundas Volunteer Field for baseball activities. 

Dundas Driving Park is a popular sports park with several softball fields, a bandshell, swings, independent play equipment such as climbers and slides, a wading pool with spray pad, an accessible play structure, an outdoor ice rink, and sheltered picnic areas.

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