Street Outreach Programs

Programs that are staffed by outreach workers who spend time with people who live on the street, build relationships with them, identify and address their immediate needs (e.g., crisis intervention, food, clean clothing, hygiene kits, blankets, someone to listen) and provide information about and linkage to longer-term forms of support such as shelter, counselling, drug and alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation, care/case management and, where applicable, family reunification services. Street outreach programs may be staffed by volunteers or peers who were formerly homeless; and may target special populations such as homeless youth at risk for sexual abuse or exploitation, veterans, or people with specific medical or mental health conditions, or be available to the larger homeless population.



A phone line that people can call or text to monitor encampment tear downs and requests for supplies.

Hamilton Encampment Support Network is a volunteer-run advocacy network supporting the growing community of houseless and unhoused Hamiltonians.

Provides site monitoring and check-ins, supply drop-offs, and observation and de-escalation during tear downs.

Street Outreach Services that engage individuals who are experiencing mental illnesses and are homeless or living in shelters.  City of Hamilton Mental Health and Street Outreach staff work in the community at many locations.  This team helps persons who are homeless connect to income sources, he

An open arts studio where street-involved youth can begin to reconnect to themselves, others, and their community through the creative arts while gaining valuable life and work skills.

A program of Shalem Mental Health Network.

Community-based early intervention program that is designed to help young people who are at risk of or in the early stages of homelessness.

Outreach worker offering information and referral services.  Additional services are offered on a case by case basis including assistance with forms, housing, and employment.

A street outreach program for women in the sex trade. Offers support, friendship, assitance, and prayer.

An outreach service of general internal medicine and infectious diseases physicians, registered nurses, midwifery and outreach workers whose goal is to provide clinical care to individuals who have difficulty accessing care in the traditional medical system.

Provides social services that enable participants to move from dependency to empowerment through skill development.

Provides social services that enable participants to move from dependency to empowerment through skill development.

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