Family Life Education

Programs that offer educational workshops that cover a range of family-living issues and help participants develop the knowledge and skills they will need to better handle life transitions and crises, improve overall self-esteem, promote growth, strengthen coping mechanisms and avert situations that can lead to family dysfunction. Topics may include parenting and step parenting skills, human growth and development over a life span, the physiological and psychological aspects of human sexuality; communication skills, couple and family relations, stress management, intergenerational issues, elder care, family and community relations, family and work relations, the impact of money and time management on daily family life, personal development, self-discovery and self-motivation. Family life education programs are offered by a wide variety of organizations including social and community service agencies, hospitals, schools and after-school programs, employee assistance programs or wellness programs in business organizations, learning centres and religious institutions.



Offers drop-in and multiple week programs on a variety of topics to support and help improve parental skills. Contact or visit website for details on the programs offered, as well as dates, times, and locations. 

Offers programming to help fathers improve their relationships with their children. Programs are offered in 16 weekly sessions

Topics include:

A program for pregnant women to learn about infant growth and development. Topics include:

Home Management Program Office for the City of Hamilton

Offers practical instruction and coaching programs to individuals, families, and groups to help promote healthy and independent living. Programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each client and group with the goal of developing skills in areas such as:

A telephone line answered by Public Health Nurses to provide information and assistance for expectant parents and families with children up to 6 years of age, on various health topics including:

A 10-week skill-development program offered to parents and caregivers in weekly two-hour sessions. The program concentrates on developing positive parenting skills that nurtures the child’s growth throughout all developmental stages.

Nine week program that runs four times a year. Promotes positive parenting, family support, and healthy child development.

Provides support and services to families and their children (0 to 6 yrs) through the provision of community-based holistic and culturally based activities.

Promotes healthy growth and development of Aboriginal babies, build on parenting skills, and link families with the community supports and resources.

Provides educational courses and skills training workshops to the community on a variety of topics, including parenting, child development, and child and youth mental health issues.

Full service lending library available to patients, families, staff, and the community. Includes books, DVD's, and brochures that are available for loan for up to 4 weeks. Part of the Hamilton Health Sciences Network.

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