Home Based Parenting Education

Programs that visit the homes of parents who want to acquire the knowledge and skills to be effective in their parenting role and provide parenting education services in the family setting. The programs may focus on teen parents; parents who need to develop skills to handle a difficult child; families who want to learn school-readiness activities to share with their child; individuals for whom parenting is a new experience; families at risk for child abuse, neglect or out-of-home placement; or others who have issues that are most effectively resolved in the home environment.



Provides a variety of services to help youth and families with mental health issues, behavioural challenges, or other complex needs, including those with a dual diagnosis.

Support is provided in-home, school, and/or within the community.

Home Management Program Office for the City of Hamilton

Offers practical instruction and coaching programs to individuals, families, and groups to help promote healthy and independent living.  Programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each client and group with the goal of developing skills in areas such as:

Public health nurses and family home visitors provide prevention, early intervention, and prenatal support to at-risk families.  Focus is on healthy child development and parenting skills.  Services include:

Provides free in-home support for mothers with babies under 6 months of age, feeling overwhelmed or who are at risk of postpartum depression.  Weekly visits from a trained volunteer provide practical support, social interaction and time for self-care.

An intensive, evidence-based prenatal and infancy home visitation program for young, first time parents. This voluntary, free service is provided by public health nurses, beginning early in pregnancy (before 28 weeks gestation), and continuing until the child's second birthday.

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