Programs that enable individuals who have visual or hearing impairments, who speak, read or write a language other than English and/or who require documents that have been translated into plain language to access information or communicate their needs manually, verbally and/or in writing; or to have improved access to entertainment, educational or artistic events or facilities that feature important visual or audio content.



Offers a variety of services to assist immigrants and arrived refugee claimants in Hamilton.

Services include:

  • translation
  • art classes
  • sport programs
  • referral to community resources
  • social events

Provides spoken-language interpretation services to reduce language barriers between service providers and their clients in the Niagara Region and the City of Hamilton.

InCommunities is located in St. Catharines. This organization provides language supports in the form of Interpreters to the Hamilton community for those who are the victims of domestic violence, sexual violence or human trafficking.

This social enterprise service works with locally licensed and unlicensed translators an interpreters. It matches clients with professionals to assist with appointments and with accessing community resources.

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