Friendly Telephoning

Programs that help people who are socially isolated due to disability or old age or otherwise lack companionship relieve their loneliness by arranging for people (usually volunteers) to telephone them on a regular basis to listen, talk and help them maintain contact with the outside world.



Online website and toll free phone line for access to services of Chatting for Wellness, a non-profit organization that coordinates youth volunteers to provide friendly calling services for seniors living in Canada.

Matches blind or partially-sighted individuals with volunteers for regular conversational and social phone-calls.

A telephone support program that offers a regular telephone security check and social contact for seniors and adults with disabilities who may be living on their own.

Provides youth companionship to seniors over the phone to reduce loneliness and improve health. 

Friendly callers offer companionship and quality conversations through weekly calls. Clients will also have access to other helpful resources and information within the community. Calls usually last 15-30 min. Trained volunteers are matched with a client by similar interests and background.

Specially trained volunteers offer social and emotional support to children, adults, and families living with a life-threatening illness in Greater Hamilton. Support is provided through phone and video chat.

Friendly visitation and/or telephone reassurance for persons who are living in their own home/apartment or recovering from hospital stays. Time is spent listening, playing games, making crafts, going on outings, telling stories, and enjoying one another’s company.

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