Early Intervention for Children With Disabilities/Delays

Programs that identify infants, toddlers and in some cases, preschoolers who show evidence of or are at risk for lags in physical development, cognitive development, language and speech development, psychosocial development or self-help skills, and provide or coordinate the delivery of an enrichment program in order to minimize the potential for a developmental delay and to meet their current developmental needs. The program may include early identification activities (child find); a developmental evaluation; a review of family concerns, priorities and resources; meetings with the family to develop an individualized family service plan; service coordination to ensure that the individual and his or her family receive needed services which may include but are not limited to physical therapy, occupational therapy, audiology, health/medical services, nursing services, nutrition services, psychological services including specialized play groups or therapy sessions, counselling, speech and language assistance, special instructional services, transportation, and parenting skills development; and ongoing evaluation of the child's progress and his or her changing enrichment needs. Included are "birth to three" programs and federal, provincial or local programs that address the needs of slightly older children or children not otherwise eligible for "birth to three" programs.



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Provides Special Needs Resourcing supports that help childcare programs include children with special needs.  Staff work directly with the childcare centre to support the inclusion of your child in the classroom.  Staff also assists with information and referral as well as the transition to schoo

Public health nurses and family home visitors provide prevention, early intervention, and prenatal support to at-risk families.  Focus is on healthy child development and parenting skills.  Services include:

Offers speech and language support and services for children from birth to school entry. Parents and caregivers can self-refer their child if they have any concerns related to their speech and language development. Also offers parent training programs, public and professional education.

Provides education and support for parents to help encourage the healthy development of their children.  Parents learn to help their children develop the skills they need for daily activities at home and in early learning and care settings.  Program services include:

Provides hearing screening and assessment services for new-born babies, also provides family support and communication development services for young children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Program is administered by the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services.

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