General Sexuality/Reproductive Health Education

Age-appropriate education programs that address the biological, sociocultural, psychological and spiritual aspects of human sexuality. Topics may include an introduction to the nature of sexuality and the process of reproduction; male and female anatomy; the function of hormones; the menstrual cycle; pregnancy; contraception and contraception options including abstinence, barrier methods, fertility awareness methods and hormonal methods; facts regarding contraception effectiveness; abortion and abortion methods; sterilization options; reproductive health including menstrual irregularities and typical causes, sexually transmitted disease/HIV and infertility; menopause; dating; marriage; responsible and caring sexual relationships; interpersonal skills; self-esteem; intimacy; body image; gender roles; and homosexuality. Not all programs address all topics.



Toll free phone line offering referral and support services for sexual and reproductive health.

A free and confidential service that provides information and referrals on sexual health, pregnancy options, abortion, and safer sex.

A telephone line answered by Public Health Nurses to provide information and assistance for expectant parents and families with children up to 6 years of age, on various health topics including:

Speak with a counsellor or live chat with a sexual health expert about sexual health, STIs (sexually transmitted infections), or reproductive health. There is also a searchable list of local clinics that can help with sexual health issues.

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