AIDS/HIV/STD Prevention Supplies

Programs that distribute condoms, lubricants, dental dams, bleach kits (ammonia or bleach for cleaning needles and instruction for use) and/or other supplies that can be used to help stop the spread of AIDS, other blood borne infectious diseases and sexually transmitted diseases among high-risk populations. Individuals who have a history of injection drug use, sex with a person with HIV/AIDS, sex with a man who has sex with other men, sex with an injection drug user, a sexually transmitted disease, or are exchanging money or drugs for sex are considered to be at high or increased risk.



Provide services to those in Hamilton that are street involved to help reduce barriers preventing them from accessing important health care services.

Services include:

Offers free information and materials necessary to practice safer drug use and safer sex.  Provides referrals to other sources within the community regarding social services, drug and alcohol treatment centers, social workers, housing and welfare.  Provides education in harm reduction, associated

Aims to create and enhance a community-based response to AIDS/HIV while being culturally relevant to all African, Caribbean, and Black individuals.  Offers culturally-specific training workshops on AIDS/HIV and social determinants of health.  Services include:

Van Hamilton Mobile Site.  A free and confidential service that travels anywhere in Hamilton and is available at a requested meeting spot.  A mobile van will deliver new needles and harm reduction supplies, and receive for safe disposal any used harm reduction supplies upon request. 

Offers free, on-call delivery of unused needles, condoms, and other harm reduction supplies, to people who use substances by injection and/or inhalation.  Service users are encouraged to return used needles for disposal.

Men4Men Clinic Location.  Part of the Shelter Health Network. 

Provides a safe, female-identified space for women to receive compassionate care in a way that creates opportunities to build on their strengths.

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