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A co-ed residential treatment program for youth with complex mental health concerns. Helps residents develop skill to manage and understand their own mental health concerns and provides aftercare to youth for up to two years after they leave the residence. 
Services offered include

Provides nursing care for seniors and individuals of any age needing disease care, special needs care, or mental illness care. Services are offered both in private homes and in nursing homes and health care facilities.

Offers a variety of foot care and chiropody services including:

  • custom foot orthotics and footwear
  • soft tissue surgery
  • wound management
  • general foot care
  • neurological and vascular assessment
  • personalized foot health education
  • compression stockings and socks

Nurses provide advanced foot care for people of all ages. Care is delivered in clients’ homes, including retirement homes, or at community clinics.

Services include:

  • clipping nails
  • treating corns, calluses, ingrown nails, and thickened nails
  • preventative foot care
  • referral to other health professionals as required

Assists Aboriginal People in accessing culturally appropriate healthcare services focusing on wholistic, preventive and primary healthcare and assistance to outside service organizations to provide care in a culturally sensitive way.  

Provincial Ontario ministry responsible for:

  • ensuring Ontario's healthcare system transitions seniors through various levels of care
  • working with the Ministry of Health to reduce long-term care waitlists
  • delivering coordinated care in communities by improving the quality of life in long-term care homes

Supports children with speech pathology needs aged 0-5 years, providing assessment, individual and group treatment sessions, parent intervention programs and consultation services, and additional services with healthcare providers and community partners. Services take place in clinic and within multiple community satellite sites, child care centres, and EarlyON centres. 

Services include:

Offers a range of child care options including full-time, part-time, shift, weekend and emergency care. This licensed child care option provides a small group setting within the provider’s home for up to six children from infancy to twelve years of age.