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Durable Power of Attorney for Mental Health Care

Programs that provide assistance for people who want to prepare an advance psychiatric directive which officially authorizes another individual to make mental health care decisions on their behalf should they become legally incompetent to make their own decisions; provides instructions about the circumstances under which they can change their agent and who should be appointed as their guardian if a court decides to name one; documents their wishes regarding hospitalization and alternatives to hospitalization, medications, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), emergency interventions (including seclusion, restraint and medication) and experimental studies or drug trials; provides instructions regarding who should be notified in case of psychiatric hospitalization, who should be allowed to visit (or be prevented from visiting) and who should have temporary custody of their children; and specifies whether they have the right to suspend or terminate the power of attorney, if permitted within the jurisdiction, while incapacitated.

Health and Residential Facility Evaluation Information

Programs that publish information about health and residential care facilities (including hospitals, dialysis facilities, home health care agencies, nursing facilities and supportive housing for older adults and people with disabilities) that helps consumers compare the facilities in their area and choose the option that best meets their needs. Some programs limit their comparisons to treatment that is related to specific conditions, e.g., heart attack, heart failure or pneumonia.

Government Reform Groups

Organizations that support basic changes in government policy, the way government is organized and/or the way government services are financed and delivered. Included are groups that support health care reform, drug policy reform, campaign finance reform, immigration policy reform, welfare reform, tax reform, term limits for elected officials and other similar initiatives.

Professional Fiduciaries

Public and/or private organizations that are responsible for managing the personal affairs, property or assets of their clients as well as helping to ensure the wellbeing of those clients who are mentally or physically incapacitated. Fiduciaries serve by court appointment as guardians, conservators or personal representatives of estates and are expected to meet licensing and other requirements of the jurisdictions in which they are located. They can also serve by agreement as trustees, representative payees for Social Security income or other income benefit plans or as agents under powers of attorney, they can carry out authorized medical directives, make financial decisions or take other actions to benefit their client. A fiduciary's role is not merely that of business manager, decision-maker, or guardian. It is also a nurturing bond of trust, concern, and attentive care-giving. A fiduciary seeks to support mental and emotional well-being; reduce the stress of changing circumstances or unexpected events; and, most importantly, to help each client and their families enjoy a fulfilling life.

Insurance Issues

Programs that provide information and/or services that deal with the topic of insurance.

Medical/Health Services Management Personnel

Individuals who plan, direct, coordinate and supervise the delivery of medical and health services in hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, public health agencies, nursing facilities, home health care agencies, a variety of community care facilities for older adults and/or people with disabilities (e.g., adult residential care homes, assisted living facilities, CCRCs or intermediate care facilities for people with developmental disabilities), and other similar establishments. Included are specialists who are in charge of specific clinical departments or services and generalists who manage or help to manage an entire facility or health care system.

Alternative Medicine Practitioner Volunteer Opportunities

Organizations that are actively seeking acupuncturists, holistic health care practitioners, homeopathy practitioners, massage therapists, naturopathy practitioners and other individuals who offer health care and treatment procedures that fall outside the mainstream of conventional medical practice and are willing to contribute their services on a voluntary basis without remuneration.

Alternative Medicine Associations

Organizations whose members are individuals whose practices incorporate any of a wide variety of health care and treatment procedures that fall outside the mainstream of conventional medical practice who have affiliated for the purpose of advancing their profession, promoting mutual interests, participating in medical seminars and conferences, networking with their peers, subscribing to journals and other publications, and taking advantage of other opportunities for continuing professional development. Included are associations for practitioners of acupressure, acupuncture, apitherapy, aromatherapy, autogenic therapy, biofeedback, colonic irrigation, craniosacral therapy, crystal therapy, feng shui, guided imagery, herbal medicine, holistic health care, homeopathic medicine, iridology, macrobiotic counselling, magnetic therapy, massage, aboriginal traditional healing, naturopathy, osteopathy, oxygen therapy, reflexology, spiritual healing, therapeutic fasting and/or vitamin therapy.

Alternative Medicine Practitioners

Individuals who offer health care and treatment procedures that fall outside the mainstream of conventional medical practice.