Distress Centres

Telephone response to persons in need of immediate emotional support, crisis intervention or suicide prevention

Links to other emergency services or professional help as appropriate

Callers' issues include domestic violence, mental health crisis, risk of suicide, social isolation, addictions, mental and physical health concerns

Caller Reassurance Program for vulnerable seniors.

Toronto, ON
Hours: Family, second party, agency or professional referrals -- Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm
Phone: 416-598-8018
Crisis: 416-408-4357 ; 416-408-HELP - available 24 hours
TTY: 416-408-0007


Self referral -- call 416-408-4357, visit volunteers -- call 416-598-8018 or visit website




Not Applicable


English; Language Line Services provides access to service in over 150 languages

Primary Contact Person

Alison Caird, Executive Director

Areas Served


Agency Type

Non Profit;Registered Charity