Ontario. Ministry of the Attorney General
Court Services Division, Jury Duty, Juror Support Program

Offers free confidential counselling services to former jurors who suffer from PTSD as a result of their trial. Jurors will be matched with an experienced and qualified counsellor, who will then provide up to 8 free sessions - four being offered initially, and an additional four if needed. Jurors can choose to receive counselling in person, over the phone, by email, or video conference in English or French. Disability accommodation is provided.

Hours: Mon-Sun 24 hours
Phone: Toll Free: 1-844-587-6766
TTY: 1‑877‑338‑0275


Former jurors who need counselling support after a difficult trial or inquest, whether they have served on a civil or criminal trial, or a coroner's inquest.


Must provide: * The location of the court where the trial or inquest took place * The start and end dates * The name of the case or inquest Contact for information




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