Lynwood Charlton Centre
Intensive Mental Health Student Services

Individual, family, and group therapy for students who are experiencing emotional, social, and behavioral challenges that are affecting their educational progress.

The mental health services can be provided in homes, community, and schools and is flexible, available 12 months a year, and provides support both within and outside of normal school hours.

In some cases, students may not be attending school, are transitioning back to school after being in a more intensive setting or Mental Health service, or have been identified to be at high risk for experiencing challenges through a period of transition.

526 Upper Paradise Rd
Hamilton, ON
L9C 5E3
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 am-4:30 pm (Hours are Flexible * Contact for more information)
Phone: 905-389-1361


Age 21 years and younger; School aged children and youth up to 18 years (or ages 18-21 if currently enrolled in school).


Referrals can be made through the student's Board of Education or through Contact Hamilton for Children's and Developmental Services




Fully Accessible



Primary Contact Person

Lindsay Horvath, Manager of Community & School Based Programs

Areas Served

Hamilton (City of)

Agency Type

Non Profit;Registered Charity