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Citizenship Certificate

The Citizenship certificate is a legal status document, not an identity document or a travel document. It replaces the citizenship card as those are no longer being issued. The citizenship certificate’s sole purpose is to prove Canadian citizenship. The new certificate will contain a unique number and basic information about its holder, such as names, date of birth and gender. This will allow other government departments to validate citizenship information via an electronic validation system, reducing the possibility of citizenship fraud.

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Canadian citizens. Individuals who were not born in Canada may be a Canadian citizen if one parent was born in Canada or was naturalized before the applicants birth. This online tool can help with citizenship questions. Parental consent is required for the applications of individuals under 18 years of age.


Visit website to download the application package. Mail completed application and all supporting documents to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Case Processing Centre — Proof, P.O. Box 10000, Sydney, Nova Scotia, B1P 7C1.


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