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Caring for My COPD

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Compass Community Health Groups are cancelled until further notice. All non-essential programs and services including the gym services are also cancelled.

A FREE community based pulmonary rehabilitation program designed to enhance quality of life for people living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and help reduce hospital admission. The program offers a bundle of services throughout a 10-week intensive exercise and education program, followed by team and peer support, as well as, periodic reassessment over one year for graduates of the program. Program participants will work with a team of healthcare providers, which includes a Certified Respiratory Educator, a nurse, physiotherapist, kinesiologist, occupational therapists, social worker, dietitian, and a clinical psychologist.

438 Hughson St N
Hamilton, ON
L8L 4N5
Hours: Contact for more information.
Phone: 905-523-6611


Any Hamilton region individuals who have type 2 Diabetes or Pre-diabetes. If the individual's doctor is part of the Hamilton Family Health Team, the individual must ask for their Doctor’s permission first. Any individuals (with or without diabetes) whose family doctor practices at Compass CH. As well as individuals accessing the Caring for My COPD program.


Referrals are accepted from health care providers such as Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Respirologists, ICC or CCAC. People living with COPD or family members are welcome to self refer by calling the COPD program at 905 523-6611 or by visiting the website for a referral form.




Not Applicable



Primary Contact Person

Meridene Haynes, Program Coordinator

Areas Served

Hamilton (City of)

Agency Type

Non Profit