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Family Court, On-Site Mediation Services

During COVID-19, ON-site mediation and face-to-face information (IRC) services are suspended until regular court operations resume. However, Information and Referral Coordinators are still available to assist you remotely. A list of IRCs and their contact information can be found on the website. The Mandatory Information Programs (MIP) are suspended until regular court operations resume. Please contact an AXIS IRC at the court you were scheduled to attend your MIP, and they will provide you information on rescheduling.

Family mediation is a form of dispute resolution where a neutral third party, called a mediator, assists the disputing parties to reach an informed and voluntary agreement on issues such as how to separate, parenting plans, and child and spousal support.

Available on-site at Family Court for parties on the day of their first appearance, case or settlement or trial management conference, or motion.

Off-site mediation is also available for parties who need more time or who don't have court proceedings started. Contact us for more information.

Family Court
55 Main St W
Hamilton, ON
L8P 1H4
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-4pm
Phone: (905) 645-5252 ext 2516


Age 18 years and older; Parties must be before the court on the same day they utilize on-site mediation. Issues must be narrow enough to be mediated under 2 hours.


Referrals are accepted from the court, lawyers, or the interested parties themselves on a first come, first served basis.


Program - Off-site mediation services are available on a sliding scale; None - On-site mediation is a free service available to parties the same day they are before the court;


Fully Accessible


English; French

Primary Contact Person

Alicia Ziemiak-Overgaard, Manager

Areas Served

Hamilton (City of)

Agency Type

Provincial Government