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This council consists of in, out and ex-patients of St. Joseph's Mental Health and Addiction program. Council members sit on committees within and outside the hospital setting. It provides individuals a vehicle to provide input in to policy and program change. It provides support opportunities for individuals to access information, education and support regarding choices, self advocacy, peer support and political awareness.

Works in conjunction with health and social service community partners, to identify seniors living in severe self-neglect, known as “Diogenes Syndrome”. This service is intended to increase access to support services for vulnerable and at-risk seniors and prevent the need for other services such as hospitalization and long term care.

Hamilton Dream Center reaches out to vulnerable residents focusing to support working families living below poverty. 

A faith-based organization serving people with developmental disabilities and their families in Ontario. Offers residential and retreat facilities.

Services include: 

  • Individual support services 
  • Supported independent living 
  • Community participation supports
  • Family home services 
  • Community residences 

Canada’s largest Veteran support and community service organization, helping Veterans, members of the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP and their families find care and support.

Specially trained volunteers offer social and emotional support to children, adults, and families living with a life-threatening illness in Greater Hamilton. Support is provided through phone and video chat.

Ontario provincial program that provides funding to help families who are caring for a child with a developmental and/or physical disability.

Funds are available to help the family hire someone to:

  • help the child learn new skills and abilities
  • provide respite support to the family