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Offers residential and support services for youth experiencing challenges with their mental health and who may be experiencing difficulties in their current living situation.

Programs are available for youth ages 6 to 18

Organizes Olympic-style tournaments for seniors to increase social interaction, physical fitness, and mental well-being. Wide selection of non-Olympic sports are available to participate in.


Glanbrook Community Services provides a clinic for care and treatment for feet by workers with foot care certification to those with physical, mental or financial issues. They also offer In-Home Foot Care Services.

One of 14 networks introduced across the province by the Ontario government to plan, integrated, and fund local health services within a specific geographic region.

Provides assistance for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to help them navigate the developmental services system in Ontario.  Case Management is a collaborative, client driven process for the provision of quality heal

Youth led and agency supported, this program is focused on creating a multi-dimensional hub for Flamborough youth – where they can engage with each other, build networks and share interests.