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Provide services to those in Hamilton that are street involved to help reduce barriers preventing them from accessing important health care services.

Services include:

A multidisciplinary team offering care to individuals living with or at risk of acquiring Hepatitis C.  Provides support and comprehensive services to clients throughout the treatment process.  Operates as an outreach program, but will see clients

YWCA offers a variety of classes and programs focused on health, wellness, and physical fitness.  Visit the website for a list of all available programs and the program schedule.

An open arts studio where street-involved youth can begin to reconnect to themselves, others, and their community through the creative arts while gaining valuable life and work skills.

A program of Shalem Mental Health Network.

A horticultural therapy program that combines organic greenhouse growing practices and Mental Wellness exercises. Participants grow organic produce, herbs and plants while learning mindfulness techniques through a series of fun, interactive experi

Provides free dental care for Hamilton residents who have a low income, do not have dental insurance, and also to those enrolled in the Health Smiles Ontario Program or the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program.

Provides support for males and transitional male youth experiencing alcohol or drug addition.  Offers advocacy, counselling, education, and life skills building activities in a substance free environment.  Programs include: