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Amusement/Recreation Attendants

Individuals who perform any of a variety of attendant services at amusement or recreation facilities. They may announce and describe amusement park attractions to patrons in order to entice customers to games and other entertainment; verify, collect or punch tickets before admitting patrons to venues such as amusement parks and rides; fasten safety devices for patrons or provide them with directions for fastening devices; operate, drive or explain the use of mechanical riding devices or other automatic equipment in amusement parks, carnivals or recreation areas; provide assistance to patrons entering or exiting amusement rides, boats or ski lifts, or mounting or dismounting animals; tend amusement booths in parks, carnivals or stadiums, performing duties such as conducting games, photographing patrons and awarding prizes; rent, sell or issue sporting equipment and supplies such as bowling shoes, golf balls, swimming suits and beach chairs; schedule the use of recreation facilities such as golf courses, tennis courts, bowling alleys and softball diamonds; operate and demonstrate the use of boats, such as rowboats, canoes, and motorboats; sell and serve refreshments to customers; drive horse-drawn vehicles for entertainment or advertising purposes; monitor activities to ensure adherence to rules and safety procedures; and arrange for the removal of unruly patrons.

Substance Use Disorder Service Provider Complaints

Programs that accept and, where possible, attempt to resolve complaints regarding the licensing or certification; incompetence of staff; cleanliness, safety and adequacy of facilities and equipment; treatment of clients; breaches of confidentiality; unethical, improper or unprofessional conduct of personnel; or other inappropriate business practices of organizations that provide services for people who have substance use disorders which may include education/prevention services, DUI offender programs, substance use disorder assessment, detoxification, inpatient treatment, supportive services or transitional residential services.