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Jacques Bertrand, Executive Director
Areas Served Canada;
HoursMon-Fri 9 am-5 pm
LanguageEnglish; French;
AccessibilityFully Accessible
Agency Type Non Profit
Established 1975
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1300 Carling Ave Unit 205
Ottawa ON K1Z 7L2

Non-denominational, non-profit international humanitarian organization dedicated to assisting vulnerable and at-risk older persons both in both Canada and the developing world.

Programs in developing countries include: Cataract Operation Program in India, micro-business projects in Kenya, physiotherapy for the elderly in long-term care and training for care staff in Haiti, support of retired advocates (who have no access to a pension) and construction of houses in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Sponsorship Program which allows Canadians to make monthly contributions to sponsor an older person in the following countries: Jamaica, Dominica, Haiti, Kenya, DR Congo, India, and Sri Lanka.

The RISE Campaign (Reach Isolated Seniors Everywhere Sensitizes Canadians of all ages, cultures and regions to the impact of loneliness and social isolation on their older family members, friends and neighbours and inspires them to take action. This pan-Canadian campaign involves partners from all over the country, as well as individual Canadians.

In Nunavut: Works with local elders and seniors, health and social service providers, and the business community to gather information on the concerns of the elderly, what is working and what needs to be addressed to improve their sense of well-being and quality of life. Established the Nunavut Seniors Society "o act as "one voice" for the Inuit and non-Inuit Elders and seniors who are dispersed over 25 Isolated communities.


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