Salvation Army (The)
Ellen Osler Home

A community residential facility which provides for the needs of women who are in conflict with the federal justice system, regardless of origin. These women may be on day parole, mandatory release, mandatory supervision or on temporary passes. Funded through Correctional Services Canada and the Salvation Army. Correctional Services Canada contracts for ten of the 12 available beds. There is capacity to facilitate a Mother and Child program.

34 Hatt St
Dundas, ON
L9H 2E8
Hours: Mon-Sun 24 hours
Phone: 905-627-1632
Toll Free: 1-866-993-9965


Age 18 years and older; Women


Women are usually referred by Federal Correctional Facility or Parole Officer. Women first indicate their interest in coming to EOH and staff would met with them on an in-reach basis before transitioning.




Not Accessible



Primary Contact Person

Chantel Malcolm, Program Manager

Areas Served

Hamilton (City of); Also open to people from other communities

Agency Type

Non Profit

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