Habitat for Humanity International
International Volunteer Program

Due to COVID-19 this service/organization is experiencing closures or cancellations. Please contact or visit the website for further information.

Uses the expertise, commitment, and spirit of volunteers to fuel the agency mission, and offers an opportunity for participants to join a global ministry and serve for an extended period with one of the international offices. Distinct from the Global Village program, which provides short term volunteer trips.

322 West Lamar St
Americus, GA
Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am-5 pm
Phone: Toll Free: 800-422-4828 x7593 *From the U.S. and Canada


Age 18 years and older; willing to make a volunteer commitment of at least six months


Contact for information


None; participant will pay travel costs and some housing expenses


Fully Accessible


English; Spanish

Areas Served

Hamilton (City of)

Agency Type

Non Profit