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Our Story

Information Hamilton connects people with the services and resources they need. We gather, organize, and share information about community and government services in Hamilton. Our goal is to improve access to human services for all people through the mechanism of Information and Referral (I&R).

As Hamilton’s I&R agency, we manage The Red Book of Hamilton database, which consists of over 4500 records of community and government services. We respond to inquiries by parents, caregivers and service providers via the Early Years Information Line, specializing in providing child-related information relevant to children from birth to age twelve.

Our information is available online and through confidential referral by telephone, by email, and in-person. It includes community organizations, government programs, social services, cultural groups, employment and training, counselling and support, housing, legal, health, children’s services, and older adults' services.


Information Hamilton is a vital source of community information and a recognized community leader, empowering full participation and influencing decision-making in Hamilton


Connecting our community through collaboration and partnership – we gather, organize and share information about services in Hamilton.